The G-Force S23 26"×4.0" fat tire E-bike that folds in half!

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What do you first think of when you hear folding e-bike? Something small maybe? Probably not mountain bike with massive 26" × 4.0" mag wheels!

Today we check out the GeForce S22 folding Fat Tire e-bike in brilliant gold.

Of course right now with everything going on shipping took forever but the Box arrived in great condition.

G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike box in great condition

The box is massive and with the bike weighing in at 65lbs. Let's get it open to see how it looks!

G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike used shipping foam to pack

Right off the bat I love how they use shipping foam to keep everything from jiggling around! I have seen a lot of other ebike companies not do this and I have also seen e-bikes delivered damaged. Point G-force!

G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike really good shipping!

I mean they really wanted it to get here safely! I hope this means G-Force definitely has an eye for quality control.

 G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike cut box

 I cut the box to try to protect my rug from the impending mess that faces it!

G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike first look wow!

With some help from some packing tape I kept the mess to a minimum and first look at this Beast all I can say is just wow! I see a compact frame that will be perfect for shorter individuals like my girlfriend. I also see a set of straight beefcake mag wheels. I can imagine taking this thing on many adventures because of its folding feature! Lets cut sonmme zip ties and see everything we have in the box.

G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike everything in the box

Like most e-bikes all you have to do is put the front wheel and handlebars on. All of the chains gears break wires everything else looks ready to go! From left to right you have the front wheel a generic style ebike Charger with manual a nice set of black and chrome pedals a set of tools that are strong the rear fender and the front fender with brackets. Let's flip those Forks around get the handlebars mounted and get that front wheel set!

 G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike is massive!

 Once I got the front wheel on and the handlebars on easily with the tools provided I noticed this thing is massive! Yard for reference.

G-Force S23 26" Fat Tire E-bike rear shock and fold lock

The front and rear Monoshock on anything. I do like the fact that it requires the Allen key to move the lever for the folding mechanism!

G-force 26" folding fat tire e-bike. Wires

I you have to say the simple use of these wire twist ties really helped clean up the front of the bike. I have seen other brands give you just a bird's nest to get caught on who knows what!

Seat is a bit small for my butt but the quality is there. With this one at being focused at the off-road market I don't plan on sitting down much anyways!

 G-force 26" folding fat tire e-bike disc breaks

The brakes looked to be a nice entry level 160 mm set. With me being heavier and aggressive Rider I do blow through brakes pretty quickly and do expect these two maybe last 30 to 50 miles before squeaking. One of the first upgrades to this and most of my electric bicycles would be a full hydraulic large disc brake set! 

 G-force 26" folding fat tire e-bike installed headlight!

 Some of you will laugh at this next part and some of you will love it. The headlight was already installed!. This one is actually part headlight, part reflector, and part horn.

G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike fender

As I installed the rear fender I noticed a couple things one the clamp is technically too small but they give you a longer screw to accommodate. Ehh. The best word to describe the fender itself "floppy"  I do appreciate them throwing these in with a box but I have been burned by fenders before and I'm quite particular. These 1 out of 5 ⭐s and the 1 only because they do fit the width of the tire!

G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike locked


G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike unlocked 

Alright now for the main event and probably one of the reasons why you would buy this Ebike!

G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike folding 

With her being almost 4 feet tall this thing is remarkably easy to fold! Simply grab the seat and the handlebar stem and gravity almost helps bring the bike to an easy folded sitting standing position.

G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike folded


G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike folded standing


 G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike folded standing up



G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike folded stand

An extra stand on the bottom for when folded makes life so much easier!


G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike removable battery

 In the folded position you can also remove the built-in battery and case you want to keep it protected or you want to charge it in a location away from the bicycle. Honestly when I first saw that the battery was inside the frame I didn't think it would be this easy to remove! 

 G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike display

 Let's take a real quick look up in display.

G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike display on

Now as expected for a bicycle in this price class the control options are limited to say the least. Now don't expect advanced pedal assist options with this one, It's on or off. It has three levels of power control with speeds up to about 25 miles an hour according to G-force. No taillight but you have the button for the light and horn right next to the screen. 

G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike shipping foam mess

 I do want to point out that the shipping foam did get outside of the plastic wrapper during the process and got all over the tire. I'm sure it will all come off with a little scraping but I did want to point that out. 

 G-force 26" folding fat tire ebike badass

 All in all the general consensus when people first see the bike is "WOW, that's badass........oh and its folds!!"

From the first looks review I can see this is a sturdy frame large wheeled monster of a bicycle. The breaks, cassette, derailleur, chain ring, crank, pedals, forks and all of the other parts are very entry-level to keep the cost down but I can tell they put quality in the parts that need it most! The fenders will not go on the bike as I do not trust them enough to stay on it for long. Especially with my riding 😂. 

Stay tuned the full review video on YouTube! This bike will also be featured across all of my social media Outlets and in more things to come

Catch you on the next one. deuces! ✌️

Thanks again G-force!

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  • Great article, I bought my G Force S 23 from Amazon about four months ago. You’re so right about the fenders, especially the front. It rattle every time to go for a ride at 25 to 30 mph. But overall it’s a great bike. Thanks

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