20 Piece Heavy Duty Motorized Bike Engine Kit Stud Set- 6mm or 8mm


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  • 6mm or 8mm
  • 4x Motor Head Studs w/ washers & lock washers
  • 4x Motor Mount Studs (2x rear, 2x front) w/ nuts, washers, and lock washers
  • 3x Drive Sprocket Case Screws
  • 5x Gear Case Cover Screws
  • 4x Magneto Case Cover Screw
  • Fits most 66/80cc Engines!

Upgrade your 2-stroke motorized bike engine with this Heavy-duty bolt set! Made of high-grade steel, our 20-piece set replaces all hardware and keeps your engine sealed for years. With hex head for a better grip, you'll never strip regular bolts again. Don't settle for cheap Chinese studs – upgrade your engine today! 

Motorized Bike HD 20 piece engine bolt set

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