Zeda80 2 stroke 66/80cc Motorized Bicycle Kit

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Original ZEDA80 Premium engine kit

Introducing the ultimate upgrade for your bicycle: the Zeda 80cc 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit! Experience the ultimate in performance and reliability with the most recent model of the highly sought-after JL Zeda 2-stroke engine kit, now with the new updated NT carburetor.

Why settle for a standard bicycle when you can transform it into a high-performance machine with the Zeda 80 kit? Featuring the latest technology and unparalleled performance, the Zeda 80 is the best kit available for any bicycle enthusiast looking to take their riding experience to the next level.

What makes the Zeda 80 the top choice for bike engine kits? Find out for yourself with our technical comparison. You'll see that nothing else even comes close. The Zeda 80 will give your bicycle the sleek look and unbeatable performance that will make heads turn.

With the Zeda motor powering your ride, you'll leave other riders in the dust. Get ready to experience the thrill of racing down the road while everyone else struggles to catch up to you. Don't settle for an average ride - upgrade to the Zeda 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit today and take your cycling game to the next level!


Upgrades for this version include:

  • Open transfer ports
  • New carb design
  • Improved magneto
  • High-end allen bolts

This bike engine kit has all of the necessary items to turn your pedal bicycle into a motorized monster!

Firestorm Zeda 80 Complete Engine Kit Includes:

  • Firestorm Zeda80 2.95 HP 2 stroke Engine (Actual U.S. displacement 69.4cc)
  • Triple 40 configuration - 40mm stroke length, 40mm mount, and 40mm intake (more powerful, efficient, and reliable)
  • Type B piston (high wrist pin)
  • Long connecting rod (89mm)
  • Stuffed crankcase with corrosion-resistant pearl coating
  • Upgraded Magneto
  • Improved large intake port (40mm bolt-hole width)
  • Improved large exhaust port
  • Better balanced crank
  • Upgraded bearings / 60% thicker crank case around bearings
  • Larger 8mm x 1.25 engine mount studs
  • Spark plug
  • Chain guard
  • Chrome muffler (longer angle)
  • Ball-bearing chain idler
  • Push button clutch lever
  • 415 Heavy-duty chain
  • CDI Ignition
  • Black Teardrop gas tank (2 L)
  • Updated NT racing carburetor with intake o-ring seal
  • 9-hole rear drive sprocket (36, 44, or 48 tooth)
  • Twist throttle with kill switch - incl. throttle cable and matching left grip
  • Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 5"

Mounting Kit & Accessories

  • Fuel tank w/fuel cap, fuel valve, inline fuel filter, and fuel line
  • 415 Heavy duty chain, chain guard, and ball bearing chain tensioner
  • Standard muffler
  • Throttle assembly w/gooseneck style throttle cable
  • Quick-release push button clutch lever
  • Large front mount for bicycles that have large down tubes
  • Standard 36, 44, or 48-tooth rear sprocket and sprocket installation kit
  • Spark plug wrench and gear-puller tool

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