Himiway's new electric bicycle lineup for 2022. 4 new models!

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Himiway just announced their new line of long range e-bikes that includes 4 new models! Check out the full live stream from this link here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl1nCS7I6TY

Himiway long range

What they showed were some amazing new models with some great new features and upgraded parts all around. Let's take a closer look at what we saw during the big event!

Himiway long range event

The first model the announced is the all new "Zebra" long range fat tire e-bike.


Himiway long range Zebra E-bike

This completely new design really looks great and has an extra heavy duty style rear set-up! It also features their new extra long range 20Ah battery pack. Here are the specs:


  • 750 watt rear hub motor
  • 26 X 4.0" fat tire wheels 
  • 48V 20Ah car grade smart battery
  • 60-80 mile range
  • Upgraded hydro brakes
  • Built-in wires and controller 
  • Retail $2000

The Zebra also comes in a step through version with the same specs but in easy to access style and shape.


Himiway long range Zebra step through

Their next bike they introduced is their multi-purpose "Big Dog" bike. This one is aimed and the commuter and transporter biker and comes with the same specs as the Zebra but in a great 20" wheel size.


 Himiway long range big dog

This one also comes with two rack choices which adds to the versatility of this bike!

Himiway long range big dog rack one

himiway long range big dog rack 2

Being this bike is made to transport is has a super high payload capacity at 400lbs!

Here is a quick spec recap

  • 750 watt rear hub motor
  • 20x 4.0" fat tire wheels
  • long range 48v 20Ah smart battery
  • 60-80 mile long range
  • 400lb payload
  • upgraded disc brakes
  • built-in wires and controller
  • Retail $2,100

The next bike they introduced was a big one. They call it the "Cobra" and this thing is mean looking!


Himiway long range cobra

This one boasts an extra smooth ride as is sports a 4 bar mono shock rear suspension system. This is the first soft-tail bike Himiway has ever made and it looks great. This beast also has the largest tires ever put on a Himiway that are right at 4.8" wide! 

Himiway long range cobra side view

This one comes in two awesome colors, a grey carbon fiber print and a green snake print. It has the same spec list as the last two but with the full suspension and extra fat tires, this is sure to be the best thing on the trails! Here are the full specs:

  • 750 watt rear hub motor 
  • 48v 20Ah long range battery
  • 60-80 mile long range
  • hydro brakes
  • 26 x 4.8" wheels 
  • linkage rear suspension
  • Retails $2,400 

The last and final bike they announced kept the Cobra wave going with the all new "Cobra Pro". This one is really special for Himiway as it features their first mid-drive drive system!


 Himiway long range cobra pro

This is top of the top of Himiway's line and rocks a 10-speed 750watt mid-drive motor. A first of it's kind for the company and sure to be an awesome addition.

Himiway long range cobra pro side

This all new drive system will aloud the ride the full control of the power. The way the gears are set up you can devote the full power right off the line or for that high top speed. The motor in the middle also helps balance out the bike and center the gravity. 

Himiway long range cobra pro green

This one will also be offered in the gray carbon and the green snake colors. Here is the full spec list:

  • all new 1000 watt mid-drive motor
  • soft-tail full suspension
  • 48V 20Ah smart battery
  • 60-80+ mile long range 
  • 10 speeds
  • 26 x 4.0" fat tires wheels
  • Retails $4000

Very impressed with this new line up! We covered a lot so lets check them out one last time.

Himiway long range 2022 product line
The all new Zebra is a stylish well built cruiser and comes in standard and step-though.

The Big Dog is the jack of all trades and can carry the whole camp or all of the groceries.

The Cobra is a smooth lean mountain trail fighting machine with the suspension to prove it.

The the Cobra Pro is the ultimate riding monster from Himiway and has a mid-drive system that can go through 10 speeds!

They all have the all new 20Ah car grade smart batteries for extra long range and of course the fat tires Himiway is know for now in an extra large 4.8" on the Cobra! 

Please check out their site to see all the info you need to know about this great new electric bicycle line up from our friends at Himiway.

Always remember to take the long way and go further with Himiway!

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