The Long Range Himiway Step though Cruiser

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Welcome everyone!

Today we check out the long-range Hemingway Step-through Cruiser. This is a perfect option for those of us that are a little bit shorter or can't comfortably get our legs high enough to get on the taller standard Cruiser. This option comes in white and has a 750 watt motor, 48v 17.5Ah battery, and 4 inch wide tires! 

Lets check her out!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike

Right now I do want to say expect shipping times that can be months away but I do want to note that this step-through one got here in about two weeks!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike shipped

 As expected the bike came nicely packed in safe enough for even the roughest delivery! Like most e-bikes looks like all you need to do is put on the front wheel, handlebars, pedals, rack, and headlight. Not to worry it comes supplied with a multi-tool and everything you need to get up and going!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike safe shipping

Alright let's carefully cut these zip ties and shipping packing off and see how she looks!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike

Right off the bat and I do want to point out these straight beefcake 4.0"×26" wheels wrapped in an awesome set of reflective Kenda off-road tires!

 Himiway Long range step-through e-bike beautiful white

Once you get all of the protective packing off you can see this brilliant white color that really compliments the e-bike. My wife who I bought this for was impressed with the color. With all of the other current options on the market this is one of her favorites! 

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike box contents

Here's everything that comes in the package!

Front wheel

Front fender


Accessories box

Keys to remove the battery are under the seat

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike accessories box

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike accessories

In the accessory box you will find this awesome snapback hat the pedals, derailleur guard (black bracket), multi tool, axle for the front wheel, charger, headlight, and headlight bracket.

 Himiway Long range step-through e-bike front wheel

Just to get it off the ground so I don't have to bend over and I like installing the front wheel first. Install the thru-axle and line up the springs. While trying not to touch the the disc lineup the disc in caliper and slide the front wheel into place. Tighten up your axle make sure everything seated and good to go!

 Himiway Long range step-through e-bike stature

Once the kickstand is down and the bike is on the ground you can see the stature of this thing is absolutely huge! I can for sure tell the lower top bar will for sure make it easy to step on and off. Off the ground at measures at 25"-28" and the seat is 35" off the ground.

 Himiway Long range step-through e-bike easy handlebars

Pre-wiring and standard 4-bolt stem makes and installing the handlebars a breeze! Use the multi tool to get everything straight and tighten four botls equally and you are good to go! 

 Himiway Long range step-through e-bike screen

Once everything is good and in place then I like taking off the protective foam for the screen. You can see on your left side you have your control buttons and your bell and to your right and you have your gear selector. 

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike pedal

Using the supplied multi-tool carefully put on the pedals and try not to cross thread them as I have seen a few people have trouble with this during installation. The pedal do seem nice and sturdy and made out of metal!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike

The taillight easily screws into the rack which then easily screws into the frame. Make sure to zip tie the wires in place so they don't get caught on anything. The rack itself sports an awesome bamboo finished with the Himiway logo on it. This complements the bike very well and I have seen people add their own colors, stains, and wood types as well!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike light bracket

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike headlight

This next part you may need a pair of pliers for. Here is how the front bracket should be set up. The four LED front headlight is very bright and the bracket makes it adjustable you can see there are room for upgrades though!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike screen

 You will need to charge the bike before use but it comes about 75% of the way charged. It comes with an awesome 3" screen that clearly shows your speed other options. This one also has five levels of pedal-assist that will get you going all the way to top speed.

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike

Let's take a step back and look at this beast! The size of the thing is just about the same as the regular Cruiser but the lower top bar does make it extra convenient to get over! The seat that comes with it is nice and comfy. 

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike sideview

Now make sure you go over the bike tighten everything make sure the disc brakes are set gears are ready to go. This thing is super fast so double check everything so you are safe for riding!

From my experience with other Himiway bicycles this thing is a monster with power and extra long range that makes for just a fun experience out on the path or on off road! These do come with multiple different accessory options such as racks and upgrades!

Himiway Long range step-through e-bike side 2

The power and range of the Himiway is why I will always come back as they are on the top of my list when it comes to long range e-bike choices!  I'm super excited to get this out for a test ride and on the trail.

Be sure to check out the video of this thing in action. More to come!

Hey once again thanks for reading catch you guys on the next one! ✌️



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